The 25th Anniversary of CHAITANYA DEGREE COLLEGE is both an occasion for thanksgiving and commitment to face the new challenges, we could look back to our beginnings get inspired by our going and move forward to seize the immense opportunity of living meaningful lives in service to others. Our Institution deserves appreciation for giving a good education with many activities. We are committed to impart effective & Qualitative education. The Primary aim of education is to prepare one to face life in a disciplined manner. The Institution Accords utmost importance to discipline and cordial atmosphere, parents are solicited to extend co-operation.

I convey my good wishes and thanks to everyone associated with the CHAITANYA COLLEGES and the publication with Souvenir for their tireless work and support to make this institution a successful one, lastly I would like to say that "Anything is possible if we are willing to put in the effort ".

Dr. G. Shankarlingam, Principal (Chaitanya Institute of Technology & Science)